The welts in leatherboard represent an economical alternative to the genuine leather welts while maintaining the quality look of the leather ones. Using the best leatherboard in the market and our know-how in this area, we can proudly present ourselves as one of the European leaders in the welts’ manufacturing. In addition to their exceptional final look, which is essentially provided by the high percentage of leather used in the leatherboard composition, our leatherboard welts also have, as an additional advantage, the fact of being waterproof. In fact, the tests carried out show that the percentage of water absorbed by the leatherboard is really reduced when compared to that of the genuine leather. We can therefore say that our leatherboard welts truly represent a high quality alternative with a very reasonable price tag. Using the best materials available, the latest technology, our highly qualified staff and always following the latest trends, we aim to offer our customers the latest styles and best price/quality ratio on the market.