The Goodyear leather welts are the main business of Soprefa in its welts sector. Within the range of natural leather welts, there is a very particular type of welts that are called Goodyear. The name Goodyear comes from the type of manufacturing the shoe undertakes which is a traditional handmade method with more than 200 years. In fact, this type of manufacturing – with a leather welt stitched to both the upper and the sole – seems to have begun in the 19th century and was later mechanized by Mr. Charles Goodyear and hence the assignement of “Goodyear” to the manufacturing method. Currently, due to the undeniable qualities of this manufacturing method (durability, comfort, shape retention, flexibility, insulation and easy repair) it is still, by many, considered as the work of art of the shoe making.

Being such a valued manufacturing method, Soprefa always paid special attention to this particular type of welts – the “Goodyear Welts”. The meticulous choice of leather, the machinery, the facilities available (including a partnership in a specialized tannery), and our skilled craftsmen are the reason for the success of the Soprefa’s “Goodyear welts”. The range of our Goodyear welts also include the welts in extruded PVC which are produced according to the needs and demands of our customers.