As with all other products of Soprefa, in addition to the latest trends, we are always looking for the latest technologies and materials never undervaluing the respect for the environment. Other than the classical ‘Goodyear‘ welts and contemporary ‘Leatherboard‘ welts, we have a wide range of models manufactured using different raw-materials. In fact, following the continuous search for new products, Soprefa developed a raw-material similar to the conventional rubber but more appropriate for the production of welts. We’ve called them SBR welts (named after the raw material’s designation, Styrene Butadiene Rubber). These welts have an increased flexibility, superior durability and allow a high level of finishing.
Obviously that we also have in our range the more common PVC and TR welts, that are a product with specific characteristics and properties, which are typically incorporated in the manufacture of injected soles.
Finally, to complement our wide range of welts, Soprefa also manufactures EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) welts. These are mostly used in orthopedic and comfort shoes and can be made of various colors, tones and / or effects.